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“So that’s what it feels like”, Catwoman thought. She’d always fantasized sex with Batman would be wild and loud, just like he fought. Instead he was sweet and gentle, softly murmuring “KAPOW!” and “KER-PLOOSH!”. Between small, party size thrusts (that was a surprise) her mind wandered back to last night’s savage, butt reaming bondage session with horse hung Robin, her wrists bound overhead with his sweaty green tights. All she said was “Nice tights”. But if that’s all it took, perhaps when Batman finished…
Rub your sperm soaked meat all over her slutty little suck mouth, dude. Get it all up in her face. She loves getting nasty with you. Use that cock with intent to thrill and pull the slut right out of her. Go for it, she deserves an hour like this. Make her remember it, then treat her like a princess after you’re done.
While practicing his Dick Slang in front of the mirror John pondered, “How do you judge talent? By size? By sway? By applause?” So many unanswered questions for John.

Ninja Approved: San Francisco Music Video Teaser PornHub
Yesss! Found it! See videogenic rant and thanks so much for the tip, Anonymous.  Lets see how long it takes Tumblr to delete it and put up the indecency sign this time.  

I say again:  There’s nothing quite like the push-stretch-pop of a long, fat wet one.
What happens after the patrons leave the theater and all the popcorn is vacuumed up? 
Wax on, wax off…breathe in through nose, out the mouth. Wax on, wax off…don’t forget to breathe, very important.
After a taste of this bad boy for the first time, there will always be comparisons that come up short, no pun intended.
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